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Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Product Details: Application:
For temperature measurement of poultry and human body. There are two modes: human mode test/object mode
Technical Data:
1. Accurate measurement: (using infrared detection system)
2. Fast temperature measurement: the measurement time is about 1 second.
3. Easy to use: one button measurement, easy to operate.
4. Non contact: measure the forehead of human body and do not touch the skin of human body.
5. Service life: install 2 No. 5 batteries(AA battery, and the lifespan >= 40000 times.
6. Measuring distance: it can be adapted within 5 ~ 15cm without fixed measuring distance.
7. Large screen display: large screen LCD, white backlight, any light can be clearly displayed.
8. Temperature alarm: set alarm temperature freely.
9. Data storage: Total 32 measurement data are stored for analysis, reference and comparison.
10. Setting modification: the setting parameters can be modified to adapt to different all kinds of human beings (Caucasians, negroes, yellow race) etc.).
11. Temperature mode change: conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit
12. Color box blister packaging

Packing Details:

Single packing color box size: 19.4 * 12.3 * 6cm
Gross weight: 268g/Product net weight:175 G
Packing Carton Size: 630 * 405 * 395mm/Each box: 60pcs
Packing Carton Gross weight: 16.5kg

Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Non Contact Infrared Thermometer